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Trans* people are rarely in control of their own bodies. Medical and psychological professionals often require validation of trans* identities before medical transition. And, even when trans* people have that validation, many insurance companies do not cover hormones and surgeries that are necessary for many trans* individuals, and these procedures are viewed as elective. The trans* community is also constantly discriminated against regarding bathrooms, name changes, changing their legal sex, and numerous other aspects of their lives. #occupytrans*phobia aims to bring awareness that trans* people have the right to their own bodies, and their identities should not have to be constantly validated. Red tape should be eliminated to promote the well-being of the trans* community.

We hope that by wearing these shirts, we will begin the process of educating people outside the trans* community about the issues that the community faces. The money collected from the shirt sales goes to the purchase and production of the shirts from a local family owned and operated screen-printing company as well as to saving funds towards hormones, surgeries and other trans* related expenses of the founders. Few insurance companies cover trans* expenses, and some do not cover trans* people at all.  An insurance company recently denied Charles coverage, labeling Gender Identity Disorder as a “preexisting condition.” The #occupytrans*phobia movement aims to bring attention and change to these types of practices.Due to this, we will be donating some of the profits to the Fan Free Clinic so that they can continue to serve such an important duty to the transgender clinic in Central Virginia in allowing trans* people to own their own bodies.

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